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RFID tech to track govt files in India

Jodhpur, India: Government files in Bikaner, India, will now be tracked through Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) chips. The chips will be fixed in files of the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) to keep track of the time it takes to clear a file, according to Bikaner district collector Prithviraj Sankhala.

Sankhala came up with this idea of real time tracking of the government files. In case there is unnecessary delay in clearing a file, the system will send an automated SMS to the relevant officer urging him to hurry up. The RFID chips is also expected to stem corruption involved in clearing files. “Irritated with missing files and their slow processing, I wanted an automated file tracking system with no human interference,” Sankhala said.

RFID will be fixed on about 5,000 files at a cost of INR 30-50 each. The total project cost is estimated at INR 10 lakh and will kickstart in two weeks, stated Sankhala. “If the project is a success at UIT, we will replicate it in other departments, too,” he added.

The files fitted with the chips can be tracked with the help of a reader upto 5 m, called the Reader Coverage Area. So far, the technology has been used in Rajasthan to track tigers and buses.

Source: TOI