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Reznick Group launches tax credit map for US states

US: The Reznick Group; a national accounting, tax and business advisory firm; launched a New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) map. The map makes it easier to determine when investors can qualify for the NMTC Programme. The user-friendly map enables a person to determine if a location is ‘Highly Distressed/Qualified,’ ‘Qualified,’ or ‘Unqualified’ under the strict eligibility requirements of the NMTC Programme.

Gary Perlow, Regional Managing Principal, National NMTC Practice Group, said, “Reznick Group’s internet-based NMTC mapping system is a fast and efficient tool for determining qualified census tract sites nationwide eligible for NMTC financing as well as qualification under many other federal, state, and local government programmes.”

The Reznick NMTC map relies on recent census data, OpenStreetMap graphics, and Google geo-mapping technology. It offers eligibility information for locations in all US states and territories, incorporating data for each of the nearly 32,000 tracts identified in the 2000 US census.

This online tool is the latest component of a comprehensive NMTC Programme Resource Center available on the Reznick website. The company plans further enhancements.

Source: Business Management