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Researchers unveil 3D mapping system for heritage sites

Australia: Australian researchers have developed a mobile laser 3D mapping system called Zebedee to preserve some of the country”s oldest and most culturally significant heritage sites, CSIRO, Australia”s national science agency said. As per the new joint research initiative between CSIRO and the University of Queensland detailed 3D maps of historic sites of Moreton Bay will be collected. At the core of the technology, developed by CSIRO”s Autonomous Systems Lab in Brisbane, is a laser scanner that swings back and forth on a spring to capture millions of detailed measurements. Zebedee gives researchers the ability to reliably map an environment in 3D by simply walking through it.

This technology is ideal for cultural heritage mapping, which is usually very time consuming and labor intensive, Dr. Jonathan Roberts, director of CSIRO”s Autonomous Systems Lab, said.

Source: Xinhuanet