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Researchers to map solar hot spots in Paris

Paris, France: In order to optimise the installation of photovoltaic panels in Paris, the Atelier Parisien Urbanism (APUR) will soon conduct a solar cadastre of the city. This proposed solar cadastre project is part of the European cooperation programme POLIS (Identification and mobilisation of solar potentials via local strategies), which aims to promote inclusion of solar energy in urban planning.

Julien Bigorgne, environmental engineer at APUR, said an overview of the city will be conducted by an aircraft equipped with sensors which will help in determining the places having solar potential. A simulation of the sun’s course over one year will also identify areas which receive maximum sunshine.

He further added, “Paris could produce significant quantity of 1,200 kilowatts (kWh) per m2 per year. The flat roofs of buildings from the 1960s are particularly adapted to receive solar panels.”

Bigorgne explained, “The goal is to trigger the interest of condominiums for environmental equipment.”

Source: Zegreenweb