Researchers identifies Bengaluru as the worst urban sprawl

Researchers identifies Bengaluru as the worst urban sprawl


India: Using remote-sensing satellite data, a team of researchers from Indian Institutes of Science (IISc) has identified Bengaluru as the worst urban sprawl. The team conducted the research using Earth Observation data from the year 1990. "We chose the year 1990 because Indian markets opened up during that period.

Since then, there has been rapid urbanization in most Indian cities. Of the 10 Indian cities we looked at, Bengaluru's urban sprawl is the worst. Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi too are in bad shape," said TV Ramachandra and Bharath H Aithal from the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, who conducted the study.

The study reveals that the city in last few decades, have registered a whopping growth of 632% in urban areas, especially in Greater Bengaluru. In this respect, during the same period, the urban sprawl of Chennai has increased from 1.46 to 18.55%.

The study titled, 'Ecological insights to mitigate urban flood risks' says the impact of such a scenario will be felt in the form of climate change, enhanced emissions of green-house gases, lack of appropriate infrastructure, traffic congestion and lack of basic amenities (electricity, water, and sanitation).

Source: TOI