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Researcher urges Oman to prepare hazard map

Muscat, Oman: Potential of the disaster knocking Oman’s eastern coast from the Makran
subduction zone cannot be ruled out. So, the country needs hazard map, observed Dr B Babu Madhavan, a research scientist at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat, Oman.

In an article published in the Horizon magazine, ‘Preparing for potential tsunamis in Oman’, the researcher explained that scientifically, the procedure for compiling a hazard map comprises several steps which include establishing a digital terrain model, selecting possible earthquake, performing tsunami simulation which means estimating inundation area, and making tsunami hazard maps. “And in the case of Oman, to prepare an evacuation plan, the land topography and bathymetry data are essential. Future possible tsunami-generating earthquakes should be examined based on the latest scientific achievements, not just past tsunami or earthquake data.

“On the other hand, social conditions data such as density of population in a particular region, nature of buildings and land use are needed to establish an evacuation plan,” Dr Babu, who is also the Director of the Tokyo-based PASCO which is the world’s largest air-survey corporation, and President and CEO of its Indian operations, emphasised.

The tsunami hazard map will necessarily shed light on the various inundation areas to be used for identification of the vulnerable area or evacuation route, expected arrival time of tsunamis after an earthquake, social information such as schools, police stations, fire stations, medical centres, public facilities for evacuation area and emergency countermeasures. To be considered not as an actual situation in future but as a possible estimation, these hazard maps should be shared among people and will be guided by experts in each and all governorates, regions and wilayats.

Several scientists around the globe investigated this particular tsunami and proposed simulation and related activities. For the Pacific Ocean-rim countries, besides their own warning centres, there is advanced and well-equipped International Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC). Added to these, countries like Japan are equipped with up-to-date hazard maps, and warning and advisory services.

Source: Oman Observer