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Research to assess ecological condition of Gujarat

Ahmadabad, India: In an endeavour to assess the damage of an Indian State Gujarat’s ecology over the years, Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has decided to conduct a detailed research project across the state.

Named ‘Environmental Mapping of Gujarat,’ the project will be executed with the help of GTU’s affiliate colleges. Students of almost 490 engineering, pharmacy and management colleges will be assigned the work of collecting data about the ecology of the state. After gathering the data, they will generate simulated 3D models for mapping the current state of environment and predict the potential damages to the ecology.

According to Akshai Aggarwal, Vice-Chancellor, GTU, such a large scale endeavour has never been attempted before by any university and this is the first time that thousands of students will be involved in this mammoth task.

“Few years back, MS University of Baroda had done some work related to mapping, so we are also taking their help in this regard. We will gather data every year, so that we can assess and compare the situation,” said Aggarwal. The colleges have already been informed to list all the students who can participate in this task, he further said.

He stressed on the need to have a detailed environmental map of the state to predict damage and steps required to mitigate it. “We must know if we can afford one million more vehicles within next five years. And if yes, then how many trees will be cut or how much green cover we will lose,” Aggarwal explained.

Source: www.dnaindia.com