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Research shows drop in global temperature

US: Dr. Roy Spencer, Climatologist and Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama, has drawn a graph which shows global temperature derived from infrared satellite images. The graph shows that global temperature is dropping.

The data used in the graph is raw data, not “adjusted” or tampered with so that one may have the same database of temperatures for the entire graph, since 1979 when satellite data was first available, according to Bill Steffen, Chief Meteorologist, WZZM channel 13 – Western Michigan affiliate television station in the US.

Steffen writes in his blog, “Dr. Spencer has just added December, which was 0.18 degree warmer than the average. One can see the downward trend over the past several months, which was very predicable knowing the strong La Nina, cold PDO and the fact that we were coming out of an El Nino. The Earth is behaving just like it did in 1998-99 when the US had an identical flip from El Nino to La Nina.”

Source: woodtv.com