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Remote Workforce Management Solution

MapInfo Corporation today announced a global partnership with Irish-based location-based services (LBS) company, Cyantel. Cyantel to Deliver Remote Workforce Management Solution Built on MapInfo miAware. Under the partnership, Cyantel will create applications from its E-Z-Manage range of LBS solution suites using the geo-spatial functionality from MapInfo’s miAware(TM) mobile location services platform.

The first of these systems is Cyantel’s E-Z-Manage Resource Manager, an application solution for the management of remote workforces. The integrated solution, which will enable customers to locate and effectively deploy “in the field” resources, will be demonstrated by MapInfo at 3GSM World Congress, Cannes, February 17 – 21, 2003. The solution provides network operators and their customers with a compelling solution for organizations needing to locate, communicate with, manage and report on their mobile work forces.

E-Z-Manage Resource Manager is designed to work with existing handsets. Combining this with the added dimension miAware brings in terms of geo-spatial functionality and data, the solution delivers a rich offering for quick and easy deployment. Companies deploying the system can immediately identify the location of their employees, and coordinate their collective activities in the field.