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Remote sensing satellite to counter insurgency operations in Manipur

The counter insurgency operational activities under the recently formed Strategy and Operation Group (SOG) in the state of Manipur in India has intensified in the state following the completion of the local area deployment of security forces in the hills and valley districts of the state recently. Moreover, in order to make a unique and successful operation by the recently formed SOG in the state the centre has allowed use of remote sensing satellite during the counter insurgency operations by the concerned authorities to trace the UG hide outs in the north eastern region.

The official source further said that right now due to the domination of the insurgency related activities in the region there have been continous incidents of anti national activities in the region by the different UG groups operating in the region. This being beyond the control of the respective state governments, initiation for establishment of a unique strategy operation with an aim to bring back normalcy and peace in the north-east region took place.

The official source said that in Manipur under the SOG the existing combined force in the state has already started conducting counter insurgency operations in and around the valley districts which yielded tremendous positive results so far and there is still option for expanding to various sensitive areas in the valley districts at any moment, and simultaneously there will be major operational activities in the hill districts if needed.