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Remote sensing for early warning for JE disease in India

Scientists are using ‘remote sensing’ technology to develop an early warning system for ‘Japanese Encephalitis (JE)’ in parts of Assam.

The project has been taken up by the North Eastern Space Applications Centre, under the Department of Space, and the Regional Medical Centre under the Indian Council of Medical Research.

“Under the project, an integrated database for early warning of outbreaks of JE fever in Dibrugarh district in Assam is being prepared,” the annual report of the North Eastern Space Applications Centre said.

Scientists have identified four repersenative Primary Health Centres of the study area and two sample sites under each PHC for collection of data such as dusk hour mosquito, larval sampling, rainfall, temperature and relative humidity.

Data on mosquito abundance, breeding habits, meteorological information and socio economic status of the people in the area is also being collected under the project, the report said adding the technologies of Geographic Information Services and ‘remote sensing’ are being used to map out the endemic areas.

Data on people affected by the disease and the number of deaths from the villages which are part of the project is also being incorpoarted, it said.

The awareness level of the community on JE is also being assessed, it said. PTI