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Remote Sensing experts convene at Hyderabad for the Annual ISPRS and ISG Conventions

9 December 2014, Hyderabad, India: About 500 professionals from the Indian Remote Sensing and Geospatial domain have convened at The Park Hotel, Hyderabad to participate at the ISPRS TC VIII Mid Term Symposium and the Annual ISPRS and ISG Conventions. The theme of the four-day congress is Operational Remote Sensing Applications – Opportunities, Progress and Challenges. The congress was opened today by Dr A S Kiran Kumar, President Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS) and Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG); Dr Chen Jun, President of International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) and the Chief Guest – Dr Shailesh Nayak, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. The congress is particularly special; as it’s the fourth ISPRS Symposium hosted in India and has received an overwhelming response to the call for papers – about 300 research submissions would be discussed at the congress.

ISPRS-TC-VIII-Symposium-India-opening-session at Hyderabad India

Dr V K Dadhwal, President, Technical Commission VIII of ISPRS, welcomed all delegates, dignitaries, speakers and exhibitors with the Opening Remarks followed by the Presidential Address by Dr A S Kiran Kumar. He introduced the ISRS and ISG to the delegates and also shared how in India increasingly more number of federal and state governments, academic agencies, NGOs as well as the private sector are using space based services. Dr Chen Jun, President of ISPRS congratulated Indian colleagues on being an excellent support to ISPRS initiatives and also shared his impressions on the exceptionally well run Tsunami Early Warning System that he visited in INCOIS, Hyderabad a day before. Dr Chen Jun shared details on the recently released Global Land Cover map in 30 meters resolution that has been developed by China with the support of ISPRS and has recently been presented to the United Nations. He said since its release in September, more than 80 countries around the world have already begun downloading data and using for a variety of purposes and is expected to be extensively used by UN based agencies around the world.

The Inaugural Address was delivered by the Chief Guest – Dr Shailesh Nayak, who clearly iterated that following the establishment of Sustainable Development Goals during Rio+ 20, need for observing Earth systems has become even more pertinent. Earth is constantly changing and monitoring this change and analysing the affect it has on each sub-system is crucial for sustainable socio-economic human development. Bettering our understanding and quantifying data on weather, climate change, communication systems, navigation systems, land use and land cover will have deep impact on human life. While achieving this, countries have to not work in silos, but integrate their prioritise with those of its neighbours and larger global community. For this, Earth Observation Systems are important, but the continuity of these data is important to be assured for long term record generation. He urged the scientific community to work towards solution oriented science with an emphasis on institutional, economic, social, ecological change.

The ISRS and ISG Awards were also given during the opening ceremony of the conference to individual scientists and agencies working to developing, promoting and popularising use of Remote Sensing and Geospatial data in India.

List of Award winners

ISRS Fellows:

– Dr N C Gautam
– Dr P Venkatachalam
– Dr V K Dadhwal (NRSC)

Bhaskar Awards:

– Dr Siva Kumar (ISAC, Bangalore)
– Dr V K Dadhwal (NRSC)

Satish Dhawan Awards:

– Dr D R M Samudraiah (Prof. Satish Dhawan Chair)

National Geospatial Award:

– G P Obi Reddy

Prof P R Risharoty Award:

– Pawan Kumar Joshi (TERI)
– C Sudhakar Reddy (NRSC)

ISRS President Appreciation Medal:

– Dr P L N Raju (IIRS)

Best Chapter:

– Delhi

ISG Award winners

ISG Fellows:

– Prof P Venkatachalam

National Geomatics Awards for Excellence

– Dr Baldev Sahai

National Geomatics Award: Applications

– Dr Anjana Vyas (CEPT University)

National Geomatics Awards: Technology

– Dr P G Diwakar (NRSC)

Young Achiever:

– Dr Deepanita Haldar (SAC)

Presidents Appreciation Medal for Contribution to Society:

– Prof Jagdishwar Rao (Andhra University)

Best ISG Chapter:

– Vishakapatnam

Source: Our Correspondent