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Regional District of Fraser-Fort George recognized for Enterprise GIS

Prince George, BC – The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (RDFFG) was presented with an Award of Excellence at ESRI Canada’s ESRI Regional User Conference in Prince George. Myron Doherty, Pacific Region Manager, ESRI Canada, the GIS provider in Canada, presented the Award in recognition of the RDFFG’s enterprise GIS initiative for the region. The RDFFG’s GIS is distributed to all five of the District’s departments via the Intranet using ESRI’s ArcIMS software. There are currently 12-15 staff members using GIS on a regular basis. They use ArcView for map creation and ArcInfo for data entry. A cadastral parcel base, originally provided to the RDFFG by the Integrated Cadastral Initiative Society of B.C. (ICIS) and TRIM II, comprise the base data for the GIS. The attribute data was provided by the Assessment Authority and is linked to the parcels, providing current information concerning each parcel in the Regional District.

By establishing partnerships with organizations such as BC Gas, Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, BC Assessment Authority and, most recently, the ICIS, the District was able to collect and share data and build a GIS that benefits all of the organizations involved. The District updates the data and distributes the information back to the partners. The District’s spatial and attribute data is stored in an SQL Server geodatabase accessed via ESRI’s ArcSDE software. All data editing and management of the geodatabase is performed using ESRI’s ArcGIS software. The RDFFG has built a solid GIS foundation and as a result they are experiencing an expanding interest from other local governments; post-secondary education institutions; and private corporations as an emerging data warehouse for Northern BC. The RDFFG provides services to over 100,000 people in four municipalities and seven electoral areas covering a geographic area of 52,000 square kilometers. Approximately 75% of the population lives within the City of Prince George with an additional 8,000 people residing in the municipalities of McBride, Mackenzie, and Valemount. ESRI Canada presents Awards of Excellence annually to organizations or individuals across Canada for their outstanding achievement in the application of GIS technology.