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Reed Business Geo Launches European Water Platform

Netherlands – The importance of water is ever increasing in European policy and business agendas. Water is not only essential to life – it is also a prerequisite for doing business, especially in sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and tourism. Water challenges are growing around the world and Europe is by no means safe on water. Half the European population lives in waterscarce countries and large areas of Europe face an increasing risk of flooding. Climate change further aggravates these challenges.
To address these challenges, Reed Business Geo (The Netherlands) is proud to announce the release of the new online information platform for developments, technologies and solutions in water management: www.european-waternews.com.
European Water News, www.european-waternews.com is dedicated to providing news, papers and reviews on water management in Europe. Key issues currently include flood risk, water shortage, water pollution, climate change and governance. The website and its related weekly newsletter bring together information on the water challenges facing Europe, and the innovative technologies and solutions available to address these challenges. European Water News is focused on key decisionmakers in European businesses, politics and NGOs.
The website and newsletter are the result of a co-orporation between the European Water Partnership and Reed Business Geo. The European Water Partnership (www.ewp.eu) is an action-oriented open forum for all stakeholders to exchange views, to find solutions for the water challenges in Europe and to stimulate partnerships.