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Red Hen Systems begins shipping VMS Mobile

Red Hen Systems, Inc., the provider of spatial multimedia solutions, announced the release of VMS MobileTM, an add-on video module for their flagship products, MediaMapperĀ® and MediaMapper ELITE. Users equipped with an off-the-shelf digital video camera and GPS receiver can collect the field data necessary – without cables – to build digital, interactive maps using spatially referenced video. Digital photographs, audio files, and text documents can also be linked to their location, enabling users to build robust, information-packed maps with remarkable ground-truthing richness, detail, and accuracy.

Customers in the military, natural resources, utilities, and transportation markets rely heavily on the collection, use, and sharing of ground-truthing motion and still imagery. MediaMapper and VMS Mobile solve the industry’s legacy data collection problems of mobility, simplicity, and discreetness. Combined, customers now have a completely software-based, desktop multimedia mapping solution that can be used independently or in conjunction with popular GIS platforms.