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Red Hen Systems announces partnership with iPIX

Red Hen Systems, Inc., a developer of multimedia mapping systems, announces its recently established partnership with Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX®), a global leader in dynamic imaging. The addition of iPIX technology will even further enhance the interactive maps produced by Red Hen’s cutting edge MediaMapper(TM) software. This new relationship with iPIX “will bring incredible new capability to our mapping platform,” explains Jim Baker, CEO of Red Hen Systems.

MediaMapper(TM) is a unique Windows-based mapping program that unites real-time video or digital still imagery with GIS maps. The software imports both GPS information and video or digital still images, building an interactive map of the location where the images were recorded. When GIS users are able to actually view locations, they have a better ability to make realistic analyses of the available data. The integration of iPIX imagery will allow MediaMapper(TM) users to benefit from the expansive 360-degree field-of-view offered by the iPIX® patented photographic process that lets viewers see everything from where the image was taken.

The combination of iPIX immersive technology and MediaMapper’s capabilities will offer many compelling applications for multiple industries in the GIS/GPS community.