Recreation of historical sites by 3D point cloud scanning

Recreation of historical sites by 3D point cloud scanning


US: Scanning methodology has myriad potential applications. Dynasty Group could utilise its unique offering to create games, educational and instructional resources, virtual tourism destinations, informatively tagged digital exhibits and a multifarious mix of other interesting products and resources. The most pertinent is that the group did not invent this scanning and documentation technology. They simply formulated a new way of using it. The firm uses GPS-enabled laser scanners to create 3D point clouds, which are then overlaid with photographs taken by the surveying team, which act as an utterly realistic skin.

Dynasty Group first utilised this technology to aid accurate reconstruction of Wacker Drive in Chicago. Zhong Chen, Dynasty Group’s founder, subsequently took the methodology to China to aid the stabilisation of the Iron Lion of Cangzhou (which is over 1,000 years old), as well as document Chongqing Peoples Great Hall, parts of the Forbidden City in Beijing and Twin Stone Pagodas in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

Today’s companies can learn from Dynasty Group’s philosophy- with so many new resources and technologies available, the real genius is in finding out how to utilise them in creative, relevant ways.

Source: psfk