Recap 2013

Recap 2013


The biggest deals, most talked-about news, major product releases and most stunning pictures of the year gone by. Check the important points listed on Geospatial World Magazine.


Geospatial industry witnessed a spree of acquisitions and mergers, some more valuable and talked about than others. Here’s a look at the top deals of the year.

Hexagon on a shopping spree

Hexagon, a master of acquisitions, continued with its M&A strategy and bought eight companies in 2013 to increase its geographic reach and technology prowess.

  • Airborne Hydrography: Provider of airborne laser survey systems for hydrographic and topographic surveys. Its portfolio airborne bathymetric LiDAR technology, which provides the equivalent of above-water topographic maps, enabling underwater objects to be detected and deep and shallow waters and coastal zones to be mapped and monitored
  • Devex: Mine-management software solutions for open-pit and underground mines
  • MANFRA: Brazil-based distributor of Leica Geosystems products
  • Listech: A software company dedicated to increasing efficiency, accuracy and productivity of professional surveyors and engineers
  • Navgeocom: Leica”s largest distributor in Russia
  • New River Kinematics: A US-based specialist in 3D analysis software for portable metrology applications
  • a/m/t software: Software company acquired by Intergraph
  • Geosoft: Specialist in modular cartography, digital photogrammetry and mobile mapping solutions

Trimble adds muscle

Continuing with its strategy of expanding and strengthening its reach and expertise by taking over companies that fit into its product portfolio, Trimble acquired eight companies in 2013.

  • ALK Technologies: Routing, mapping, mileage and navigation technologies
  • Suite of software solutions
  • Trade Service: Content acquisition, management, publishing and distribution of product and pricing information used by manufacturers, distributors and contractors in the AEC industry
  • Actronic Holdings: Weighing technology and payload information systems for construction, mining and waste markets
  • IQ Irrigation: To strengthen Trimble”s position in precision farming
  • RainWave, Hydro-Engineering: To monitor Trimble”s Connected Farm solution and strengthen its water management expertise
  • Asset Forestry: Forestry logistics and optimisation solutions

Bentley gains software strength

With an eye on multi-billion infrastructure projects, Bentley Systems acquired three companies to build on its software strength.

  • Char*Pointer Tecnologia: The Brazil-based company”s topo GRAPH software helps in high-precision surveying, earthworks, and road and railway design. The deal could help Bentley Systems grab a large share in Brazil govt”s multi-billion infrastructure projects, especially road and rail networks.
  • MOSES: Bought from Ultramarine, the software business will help in complex projects involving transportation and installation of offshore structures
  • Engineering Systems: Provider of structural analysis and design software to users in Australia, New Zealand, and S.E. Asia


Geospatial industry valued at $270 bn

The global geospatial industry brings in $270 billion in annual revenue and companies in the sector pay more than $90 billion in wages each year, according to a report published by Oxera in January. The study is one of the first to consider geo services as an industry in itself, encompassing all digital mapping and location-based services. It is recognised that this industry is growing rapidly, meaning that many of the estimates provided in the report will quickly become underestimates.

  • $150-$270 billion – Global revenues of geospatial industry per year
  • $1.4 trillion – Geospatial industry saves for businesses each year
  • $90 billion – Geospatial industry pays out in wages
  • $1.1 billion hours – Travel time saved per year globally
  • $0.5-2.8 billion – Savings from reduced pricing of infrequently bought services and goods
  • 3.5 billion litres – Petrol saved per year globally
  • $8-$22 billion – Global cost savings on agricultural irrigation
  • $73 billion – Industry’s value in the US


Scanning of underground mines made easy

The innovative, on-the-spot Void Scanner Mk3 by Measurement Devices Limited is ideal for underground mine laser surveys. Its improved drive system and faster scan speeds significantly reduce survey times, saves costs, and improves safety for the operators. The real-time acquisition software allows operators to measure, visualise, and compare 360-degree field of view scans of stopes or voids in less than seven minutes from start to finish.

Handheld controller for construction industry

Topcon Positioning Group has announced the new FC-336 data controller designed specifically for the construction industry. The new feature-rich controller is dust and waterproof (IP68 environmental rating, submerged up to a metre or three feet), has a Windows 6.5 operating system and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, according to Ray Kerwin, director of global planning–survey products. The FC-336 unit also includes languages other than English (Spanish, French and German) and an optional global cellular modem.

Streamlining design and construction processes

Autodesk’s BIM 360 Glue extends the BIM process from design to construction by providing all stakeholders access to project information for model coordination and clash detection via desktop, mobile and Web. With BIM 360 Glue, enhanced cloud-based collaboration and mobile access ensure the participation of the entire project team in the coordination process, minimising the coordination cycles and providing teams with tools to view the designs wherever they are located.

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