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Real-time traffic info available online in Malaysia

Kajang, Malaysia: The Malaysian High¬way Authority (MHA) has launched its newly-revamped website (www.llmtrafik.gov.my) and mobile services to provide “real-time” traffic information to people.

The website has an enhanced GIS with a congestion map feature to enable users to view the traffic situation along a specific stretch of the incorporated highways. “The website also allows the public to key in their destination to check for any jams or estimated travel time,” said MHA director-general Datuk Ismail Mohd Salleh.

He said that the public could also subscribe to Auto Traffic Info on the website which will send information on congestions, events and traffic incidents on regular basis. This feature will allow them to select the time they want to receive e-mails and the specific highway they would like to get information about.

Meanwhile, Ismail said the mobile service would provide the public with traffic images, updates and information for 15 highways. The website for the mobile version is m.llmtrafik.gov.my (for smart phones only) and www.llmtrafik.gov.my/wap.

Source: The Star