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Real-Time scheduling with online traffic updates

Burlington, USA, August 2, 2007: ClickSoftware unveiled its street-level routing (SLR) tool that incorporates real-time traffic data to help field technicians avoid the snarls that delay services, ensuring on-time arrivals and increasing customer satisfaction. The new functionality extends the capabilities of ClickSoftware’s optimized mobile workforce management solution enabling them to dynamically select the shortest travel time, not necessarily the shortest distance, to minimize time on the road and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Utilities, telcos, home appliance, IT and office equipment companies, and many other service organizations depend on SLR applications based on GIS to determine the best route for field technicians to take from job to job. These systems use static GIS points, and can’t predict if a new construction or a vehicle accident will cause a 30-minute delay.

ClickSchedule and ClickMobile receive online traffic updates on an as-needed basis, and compare that information to the GIS routes between jobs. If the traffic updates indicate a problem, ClickSchedule and ClickMobile can automatically reroute field technicians to a faster path. ClickSchedule can either deliver the real-time traffic updates to dispatchers and/or automatically revise schedules for optimum service delivery, while ClickMobile delivers the information directly to field technicians via their mobile devices.

“Street-level routing with online traffic updates is like having a personal traffic helicopter fly above field technicians, giving them, as well as dispatchers and the software’s decision making engine, up-to-the-minute traffic views and telling them where to go and/or which jobs to reschedule to maintain on-time arrivals,” said ClickSoftware Chairman and CEO Dr. Moshe BenBassat.” This will enable our clients to operate closer to the real time service enterprise concept.”