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Real-time bus arrival system in Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia: Rapid Penang, a bus operator in Penang, Malaysia, has launched its real-time bus arrival display system, the first of its kind for stage buses in Malaysia. The Intelligent Commuter Infor­mation System (ICIS) display system uses GPS to map movement of all Rapid Penang buses and calculate the exact arrival time of each bus.

Rapid Penang chief executive offi­cer Azhar Ahmad, who launched the system at the Komtar bus terminal, said, “It was installed at the bus terminal following the success of its pilot project at the Penang Inter­natio­nal Airport. This state-of-the-art system is part of Rapid Penang’s efforts to encourage the public to use public transport.” Further, he added that Rapid Penang now had 75,000 commuters every day and expected a further increase.

“We will later extend this service to other strategic areas through­­out the state and also explore opportunities to work with shopping complexes where we can install this system. Our move is also part of the Government’s National Key Result Areas to improve urban public transport,” continued Azhar.

Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister, Penang, visited the terminal later in the afternoon, welcomed the move by Rapid Penang to increase the number of buses to 550 from the current 300 by next year to cope with the increasing number of users.

Source: The Star