REA Group signs Enterprise Agreement with Google

REA Group signs Enterprise Agreement with Google


Melbourne, Australia, October 29, 2007: The REA Group Ltd announced the signing of a new Enterprise Agreement with search leader Google. This signifies the beginning of a worldwide Google Maps licensing arrangement between the two businesses.

The REA Group is already one of the largest users of Google Maps worldwide, delivering over 1.4 billion page views of Google Maps over the past 12 months on its real estate websites in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the new agreement the REA Group will begin using Google Maps in all its websites around the world. REA Group expects that this will provide a significant boost to REA Group’s websites in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. The agreement also renews REA Group’s license to use Google Maps in Australia and New Zealand.

The REA Group operates network of real estate websites in the world, 16 sites in 10 countries that attract 7.8 million unique visitors per month. The company uses Google Maps on its property details pages to show home hunters where properties are located.

“Experience has shown the visitors to our sites in Australia and New Zealand love using Google Maps to plot properties. By adding Google Maps to our sites in other countries, we will clearly enhance the user experience,” said Simon Baker, CEO and Managing Director of the REA Group.