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Raytheon GPS receiver surpasses US Air Force requirements

US: Raytheon has completed a test using its Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver 2000 (MAGR2K) that exceeded the technical requirements for navigation and jamming levels. The US Air Force used the MAGR2K in a next-gen military code GPS signal demonstration in a jamming environment.

"This is the first time an M-code receiver card has been successfully tested in an avionics GPS receiver," said Sharon Black, Director of Raytheon's GPS & Navigation Systems organisation. "These results provide the Air Force with a clear path forward for fielding M-code capable GPS receivers."

M-code receivers are required to provide significantly improved position, navigation, and timing performance based on the advanced GPS satellite signal. As part of the semi-annual NAVFEST exercise at White Sands Missile Range, Raytheon showcased the ease with which its M-code receiver card integrated into the MAGR2K, leveraging all the advantages of the M-code signal.

"The innovative MAGR2K design is backward and forward compatible," said Black. "As Raytheon demonstrated at NAVFEST, this compatibility enables easy and cost-effective upgrades to M-code technology for existing military aircraft without having to replace the entire GPS receiver."

Source: Market Watch