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Raytheon Demonstrates Enhanced Capability for Mobile Range System

US: Raytheon Company has showcased a new tri-band telemetry antenna on the company's Mobile Range system during a Joint Advanced Missile Implementation (JAMI) demonstration at Naval Base Ventura County, California. The event highlighted new technologies that will soon become the backbone of test ranges worldwide. Raytheon's Mobile Range is an integrated suite of communications, optics, and telemetry capabilities that enables flight testing, demonstrations and data collection in a variety of environments and conditions.

JAMI participants tracked an AIM-9 missile in a captive carry flight on an F-18 Hornet in challenging scenarios testing whether a system could support L-, S- and C-Band telemetry signals that encompass current and future test range requirements. Mobile Range delivered strong results in the newly licensed C-Band telemetry spectrum as well as its tracking and data collection capabilities with L- and S-Bands. The US and many countries are transitioning to C-Band as existing L- and S-Band telemetry spectrum allocations are moved to commercial and telecom users. Testing ranges worldwide will require upgrades to support all three telemetry bands.

''Mobile Range's test performance demonstrated the maturity and reliability of its tri-band technologies under very realistic test conditions. Raytheon is uniquely suited to provide tri-band telemetry services, upgrades and equipment, and our experienced Mobile Range team again showed it is ready to support the challenging and evolving testing needs,” said Dr Thomas R Bussing, Vice President of Advanced Missile Systems at Raytheon Missile Systems.

Source: Raytheon