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Raytheon and the department of defense (DoD) demonstrate new technology Radar System for use in homeland security

Oct. 9 – An advanced technology high frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) for reliable detection of small maritime vessels and low-flying aircraft has been successfully demonstrated by Raytheon Company and the Defense Department’s Counterdrug Technology Development program office (CTDPO).

Raytheon’s HFSWR is a new technology to protect the littoral waters of the United States. It provides low cost, all weather, accurate and reliable surveillance of surface vessels and low flying aircraft well in excess of the visible horizon. Unlike traditional shore-based microwave radar, the HFSWR uses high frequency (HF) electromagnetic signals that are not limited by the horizon. This unique capability allows the HFSWR to be the only shore based radar system capable of detecting small surface and low flying targets.

Demonstrations conducted in Washington and West Palm Beach, Fla, as part of a six-month proof of concept demonstration, highlighted the HFSWR’s system detection capability against go-fast boats, fishing boats, large support vessels, rigid hull inflatable boats, jet skis, as well as small, low flying aircraft and helicopters. The demonstration utilized a transportable prototype version of Raytheon’s HFSWR that has been installed at the U.S. Navy’s Undersea Warfare Center, Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center test range at Andros Island in the Bahamas.