Raven, AgEagle partner on UAS solutions for agriculture

Raven, AgEagle partner on UAS solutions for agriculture


US: The Applied Technology division of Raven Industries has been named the worldwide exclusive distribution partner for AgEagle Aerial Systems, a leading provider of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) used in precision agriculture segment. The partnership provides entry for Raven into the UAS market, allowing it to widen its product offering to include actionable data that farmers and agronomists can use to make important input and variable rate decisions.

AgEagle’s UAS technology captures aerial maps of crop health in a field, identifying areas of stress before they can be seen by the naked eye. Providing real-time, easy-to-acquire data to growers, agronomists and other service providers, means AgEagle can pinpoint areas where nutrients or chemicals need to be applied.

The company says the images are easy to import and utilize with many agricultural software platforms, allowing growers and service providers to put the data to use quickly and efficiently. Brian Meyer of Raven Applied Technology said working with AgEagle would help “make crop health data actionable and relevant, which in turn will help decrease inputs and increase yields for growers.”

AgEagle said distributing its fixed wing UAS through Raven was based on the companies shared focus of delivering usable data for growers.

Source: Queensland Country Life