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RapidEye partners with ImageSat

Germany: RapidEye signed a partnership agreement with ImageSat International. The agreement allows ImageSat to use RapidEye imagery to colourise their panchromatic 0.7 meter resolution imagery to produce a colourised product.

John Ahlrichs, RapidEye’s Vice President said, “This partnership combines the strengths of two major imaging companies. RapidEye’s global, fresh archive of five meter data is the perfect source for ImageSat to use in creating a colour ImageSat product. We can almost guarantee that we will have imagery in our extensive archive that will meet the needs of Imagesat and their customers.”

“This partnership allows ImageSat to bring another dimension to the very high resolution panchromatic EROS images,” said Rani Hellerman, Director of Business Development for ImageSat.

RapidEye is continually forming strategic partnerships in multiple markets with the goal of creating business opportunities worldwide.

Source: RapidEye