RapidEye extends collaboration with geo-informatics co

RapidEye extends collaboration with geo-informatics co


Germany: RapidEye has signed an extension of the data supply agreement with the geo-informatics company EFTAS of Münster, Germany. The RapidEye satellite system can image more than 4 Million square km of high resolution, multi-spectral satellite imagery daily. As a value adding partner, this gives EFTAS more flexibility to use RapidEye imagery for data analysis than ever before.

“Through this agreement we will extend our capacity to acquire remote sensing data“, said Andreas
Müterthies of EFTAS. The agreement allows both companies to use RapidEye data as a base for complex analysis when the timeliness of the data offers new business opportunities. With its many years of expertise, EFTAS will take the position of the specialist for analysing the remote sensing data. Joint collaboration might be an option for topics such as observation of locusts habitats in Africa and Asia or for early warning systems for agricultural protection. This also allows for faster collection and analysis of areas affected by large scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

The collaboration also includes services to achieve cross compliance commitments under the framework of the EU Agriculture policy. This policy controls subsidies that farmers receive for planning measures to maintain cultivated landscapes in the European Union.

Source: RapidEye