RapidEye delivers imagery to Minas Gerais in Brazil

RapidEye delivers imagery to Minas Gerais in Brazil


Germany: RapidEye announced that its Brazilian distributor, Santiago & Cintra Consultoria, has provided RapidEye images to the State of Minas Gerais. As part of the agreement, RapidEye became the sole provider of satellite imagery for three different coverage periods of the State which began in September 2009 and lasted until the end of July 2010.

“We have had great success imaging the Brazilian State of Bahia and we were confident that we could do another successful imaging campaign for Minas Gerais,” said Michael Prechtel, Head of Marketing for RapidEye. “With our system capabilities, frequently cloudy areas such as these South American states can be revisited frequently until we get the image we need for the project.”

“The RapidEye satellite constellation has acquired over 20,000,000 square kilometres of images to obtain three full coverages of the State of Minas Gerais. We are now successfully concluding the third coverage. RapidEye’s imagery will be mainly used for environmental monitoring, change detection and illegal deforestation,” said Iara Musse Felix, Director of Santiago & Cintra Consultoria.

RapidEye is currently acquiring images of major forested areas across Europe and North America. These images will be also used in RapidEye’s forest cover analysis and forest inventory services such as tree species determination and stem volume estimation in boreal forests. These services are of high value to the forestry industry. They are also more cost effective than aerial photography.

Source: RapidEye