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RapidEye appoints Hatfield Consultants as reseller

Havel, Germany: RapidEye added Hatfield Consultants of Vancouver, Canada to its list of resellers. The recently signed contract between the two companies allows the Hatfield group to market and sell RapidEye products in Canada and the US.

“This cooperation will help us to further strengthen our key position in the geo-environmental industry; not only in North America, but also in Africa and Asia,” said Joerg Widmer, Market Manager USA West.

“We are very happy to begin working on new opportunities around the globe with Hatfield Consultants and their network. We will specifically concentrate on sectors like REDD and carbon sequestration; industries which we feel have great growth potential for the future. One of RapidEye’s strongest selling points is our ability to image large areas of the globe in a very short time period. This will help Hatfield monitor rural developments and detect important environmental changes.”

Grant Bruce, President of Hatfield stated, “The spatial resolution, spectral bands, and imaging capabilities provided by the RapidEye satellite constellation are suitable for much of the monitoring work that we are involved with. We feel that our clients will directly benefit from using RapidEye imagery for a range of applications and we look forward to actively promoting RapidEye.”

Source: RapidEye