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RapidEye appoints French distributor

Germany: RapidEye has appointed Geosys, S.A. as its French distributor. John Ahlrichs, Vice President of RapidEye, commented “Geosys is well established in the French geospatial market and has an excellent team dedicated to promoting and selling RapidEye data. We look forward to a long-lasting business collaboration that will serve existing customers and develop new business opportunities.”

Alain Killmayer, cofounder of Geosys, said “We are very proud of this new partnership with RapidEye, as it is fully in the scope of the strategies of the two companies. The future has become a reality with the RapiEye satellite constellation.”

Currently, RapidEye is working on completing its worldwide network of distributors in order to facilitate easy access to RapidEye products in its customers’ own language and region.

Source: RapidEye