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RapidEye and S2Bvisio keen to serve farmers

Germany: S2Bvisio and RapidEye are developing value added products for canola and cereal crops which are beneficial to farmers, said RapidEye. Ongoing research and development activities are concentrating on cereals, sunflower and sugar beet crops and focus on nitrogen fertilisation, irrigation and yield prediction. French specialised research institutes are also involved in many of these projects.

This strategic value-added service collaboration will be intensified in future projects including pasture monitoring and biomass management. RapidEye and S2Bvisio will study the development of services for agricultural operators, processors and other key players in the agricultural world.

Marie-Joseph Lambert, Head of Marketing at S2Bvisio, said, “The innovation and the flexibility of the
Visioplaine platform merged with the satellite-based expertise of RapidEye offers a quality and an availability of field-based data which is unique in France.”

Head of Sales for RapidEye, Clint Graumann, said, “We are confident in our solid, ongoing partnership with S2Bvisio for the development of agricultural services in France. This partnership opens important opportunities for the future.”

Source: RapidEye