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Rand McNally MapEngine launched

In a move to help businesses increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and drive retail store traffic, Rand McNally recently announced the launch of Rand McNally MapEngine, a new Web service that features the company’s proprietary, high quality mapping database. The service allows businesses to integrate high-quality maps, directions and location search functionality into their Web sites. MapEngine is a digital mapping product that features Rand McNally’s Integrated Dataset for North America (iDNA), the foundation for the company’s venerated Street Guides, Thomas Guides(R) and professional wall maps.

Unlike other mapping servers that rely on raw vendor-supplied map databases, Rand McNally augments, corrects and enhances these datasets and cartographically improves their presentation, resulting in an end product that contains more complete, accurate and true-to-the-locality maps. iDNA also allows MapEngine end-users to easily cross-reference their Rand McNally digital maps with the company’s other printed products, resulting in greater productivity for field operations. To meet the diverse needs of businesses, MapEngine is available as an application program interface (API) or a hosted Web application. Rand McNally MapEngine Server API allows developers to integrate Rand McNally map functions into customized applications, making it an ideal solution for online Web portals, dealer/store/facility locators, customer service and call centers, and delivery and logistics operations.