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Rain Bird releases FREEDOM-Pad

ESRI is announced that the Rain Bird® Corporation’s Golf Division has released FREEDOM-Pad™, a new application built on top of ESRI’s ArcPad 6 software. ArcPad 6 is the latest release of this powerful mobile mapping technology from ESRI, the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology.

With FREEDOM-Pad, map-based system capabilities combined with a Compaq® iPAQ™ Pocket PC give golf course superintendents the ability to manage their irrigation control system databases from anywhere on their course. Prior to this development, Rain Bird customers did not have a visual communication device to quickly communicate to their irrigation computer from remote areas. FREEDOM-Pad updates the current information in their central control computer and the database with the status of sprinklers, piping hydraulics, valves, and other pertinent information.

The map visual created by FREEDOM-Pad displays the entire golf course map, allowing users to know where they are on the course relative to specific products located throughout the area. As data is entered into FREEDOM-Pad, the irrigation system is automatically updated, allowing effective activation of the irrigation systems and saving crucial time.

With ArcPad 6, developers can easily build personalized and customized mobile mapping solutions using the ArcPad Application Builder. The ArcPad Application Builder includes a desktop customization application called ArcPad Studio. ArcPad Studio enables developers to create new toolbars that contain built-in and custom tools, design custom forms to streamline data collection in the field, build applets that focus on unique goals, and write scripts that interact with ArcPad internal objects. Developers can also develop extensions to support new file formats and positioning services. All customization for ArcPad is performed on the desktop and deployed on the mobile device.