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GeoMicro, Inc., a provider of desktop and internet mapping solutions, was awarded a multi-year contract to provide North American Mapping, GeoCoding, and Routing applications by TELUS Geomatics, a division of TELUS Communications Inc.
GeoMicro’s AltaMap suite of mapping applications, allows companies to rapidly add high-speed map rendering and spatial query capabilities to their LBS solutions. Clients can add geocoding, routing, and cartographic quality map display on an as needed basis. In addition, AltaMap™ Server demonstrates linear scalability, which ensures the technology can grow as demand increases.

The GeoMicro components not only provide geographically seamless services for back end integration to our core application GeoExplorer® but they also enable us to offer additional geographical web services to our clients. GeoMicro’s AltaMap products and support will considerably reduce our in-house development and data management costs so that we can focus on providing our clients with Municipal Asset Management, Emergency Management and Automated Vehicle Location/Tracking solutions.