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Radius Topology 2.7 released

Cambridge, UK, September 12, 2007: 1Spatial have released Radius Topology 2.7, this new version includes Radius Topology Wrappers; seven tools that address a number of challenges faced by organisations, particularly those in the Utilities, Local Government and Central Government market sectors.

Radius Topology Wrappers are standard components deployed with Radius Topology 2.7 that provide simple user interfaces to help users get the most value from their topology data. 1Spatial created the Wrappers based on feedback from users of the existing Radius Topology technology.

Each Wrapper serves a different function that streamlines common data quality tasks and provides additional benefits to both existing and new users of Radius Topology. The list of Wrappers provided is as follows:

  • Quickstart
  • Geometric Data Cleaning
  • Polygon Conflation
  • Network Conflation
  • BLPU Polygon Extent Creator
  • Change-only Update support and
  • Positional Accuracy Improvement Audit.

    ‘This release of Radius Topology with the new and enhanced wrappers is a result of direct feedback from our users and also from our internal consultancy team who use the product on a daily basis. It is important to us that our products are driven forward by users and this is clearly demonstrated in this release. We believe this version of Radius Topology represents a major step forward building on the strong technical reputation that the product already enjoys’ said Graham Stickler, Product and Marketing Director, 1Spatial.