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Radius Topology 2.5 now available

Laser-Scan has announced the launch of Radius Topology version 2.5. This release contains new functionality developed directly as a response to partner and customer needs. The new release supports topological structuring of 2.5D data, in which each vertex has an associated height value. Radius Topology 2.5 maintains all height values, snapping features together according to pre-defined business rules and creating topological information to help speed up spatial queries. This development has specific value for a number of commercial, government and military organizations that use height data within their GIS.

Radius Topology 2.5 also adds cross-schema functionality, allowing users to structure and snap data together from tables owned by different Oracle users. This capability enables information within data tables to be conflated whilst allowing Database Administrators (DBAs) to maintain separate storage, ownership and security for each table. Laser-Scan’s Radius Topology is a dynamic topology management layer that was initially delivered on the Oracle9i platform. It acts as a ‘gatekeeper’, only allowing clean, accurate data into the database. Inconsistent data is automatically corrected, within the bounds of user-defined rules and without any significant disruption to the existing IT workflows. Radius Topology is now also available on Oracle Database 10g as a unique solution for Oracle Locator and works in conjunction with the topology storage mechanism offered through Oracle Spatial.