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Radiant Solutions Partners with TellusLabs to Provide Advanced Agricultural Intelligence Solutions

Radiant Solutions, a Maxar Technologies company and TellusLabs, a satellite imagery and machine learning company, today announced a partnership to jointly offer agricultural intelligence products revealing insight on the world’s food supply, for the remainder of the Northern Hemisphere’s 2018 agricultural growing season and into the start of the Southern Hemisphere’s growing season. This alliance illustrates a significant opportunity for customers such as commodity traders, food companies and government agencies who need better intelligence regarding the world’s current crop conditions to benefit from more accurate insights into end of season expectations delivered through the partnership’s joint solutions.

Radiant Solutions’ Weather Desk™, an information platform enabled by advanced analytics applied to weather data, provides daily agricultural insights into how weather conditions are impacting agricultural markets. TellusLabs’ Kernel, enabled by machine learning applied to satellite imagery, provides insights into crop yields and agricultural forecasting. The combined offerings deliver users an information advantage by helping them to leverage the power of advanced analytics applied to persistent and pervasive weather and imagery data to derive insights into the agricultural supply chain dynamically and at a global scale.

“We are incredibly excited about our partnership with the TellusLabs team and the opportunity to offer Weather Desk™ users unique access to the TellusLabs Kernel application,” said Travis Hartman, Senior Director of Commercial Programs at Radiant Solutions.

“Weather is a crucial part of the macro picture for agriculture, just like satellite imagery. We’re thrilled to be working with Radiant to make sure decision-makers in the agriculture space get the best of Kernel and Weather Desk™,” said David Potere, CEO of TellusLabs. “Tectonic shifts are taking place in both the agriculture and analytics sectors, and we’re convinced that the best solutions will come from collaborations like this one.”

Through the partnership, qualifying Weather Desk™ customers can purchase discounted access to TellusLabs’ Kernel product and Kernel customers may also have discounted access to Weather Desk™. Please contact your TellusLabs ([email protected]) or Radiant Solutions ([email protected]) representative for details.