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RADARSAT-2 Successfully Launched

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 14 December 2007 – RADARSAT-2, Canada’s next–generation commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite was successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 05:17 Pacific Standard Time on a Soyuz launch vehicle.

RADARSAT-2 offers new capabilities including: a finer resolution, flexibility in selection of polarization and left-and right-looking imaging. These capabilities, in concert with increased on-time imaging capacity, and an enhanced ground segment, allows MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA) to offer clients an even greater degree of flexibility in choice of products and service offerings.

RADARSAT-2 is the product of a unique partnership between the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and MDA. MDA is responsible for the marketing and distribution of the data via a global network of partners and ground receiving stations. RADARSAT-2 will provide enhanced information for applications such as environmental monitoring, ice mapping, resource mapping, disaster management and marine surveillance.

“We are extremely excited to welcome this new chapter in SAR imaging,” said John Hornsby, General Manager for MDA’s Geospatial Services business area. Dr. Hornsby continued, “RADARSAT-2 promises to deliver products with higher resolution and information content and with a significantly shorter end-to-end “order to delivery” process.”

The launch video of RADARSAT-2 is available at the following link