Home News Radar gun spots illegal GPS jammers in vehicles

Radar gun spots illegal GPS jammers in vehicles

London: In a first, Chronos Technology, a U.K.-based company, has developed new handheld radar to identify which vehicles are illegally using the GPS signal jammers.

Until now a number of devices have been available to law enforcement officers who want to detect jammers. But existing detectors can only detect the presence of a jammer, not find out where it is. This new device can identify where a jammer-using vehicle is in a multi-storey car park – and can pinpoint portable devices in drivers” pockets when they have left their cars. Chronos has not revealed how the device works, but it is likely it triangulates signal strength to work out exactly where the 1.5 gigahertz signal that a GPS jammer emits is coming from.

Source: newscientist.com