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R2V new version released

Able Software has released a new version for its automated raster to vector conversion software, R2V. This new release includes new functions for raster image editing, image mosaic using geo-referencing information, enhanced conversion functions between the UTM, latitude/longitude and the State Plane coordinate systems. The 3D VRML and STL file export for DEM (digital terrain model) has been implemented for 3D visualization through the Internet and physical model creation using 3D rapid prototyping technologies. This new release is available free of charge to all licensed users by downloading from Able Software’s website at www.ablesw.com. Able Software has been providing free R2V upgrades to its licensed users since 1994.

R2V is an automated raster to vector conversion software developed by Able Software for computer mapping, GIS and CAD applications. R2V converts images stored in TIFF, GeoTIFF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and RLC image formats to a vector file format, such as Arc/Info generate, ArcView Shape file, MapInfo MIF/MID file, AutoCAD DXF, IGES, MapGuide SDL, STL, VRML and others. Image geometric distortion can be corrected using control points and geo-referenced to a real world coordinate system. Raw uncompressed image formats, such as formats used by satellite imagery, can be opened using R2V’ s new raw image import function. Image regions of interest (ROI) in any shape are used for cropping and automatic vectorization. Color image classification function separates colors into vector data layers for easy editing and management. 3D DEM (digital terrain model) is created from labeled contour lines for 3D visualization and analysis.