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Quova GeoPoint 4.0 identifies location of website visitors

Quova, Inc., a provider of Internet intelligence services to online businesses, has announced the
release of GeoPoint(sm) 4.0. The GeoPoint service, which enables companies to identify the geographic location of their Web site visitors, has been dramatically enhanced by incorporating a new generation of IP mapping technology.

GeoPoint 4.0 highlights include:

  • New information for proxies and networks, including anonymizers, cache and corporate proxies, satellites, and AOL user location by country
  • Enhanced application management, including a new remote monitoring utility and full integration with Microsoft’s .NET environment
  • New custom GeoTraffic Analysis and GeoProfile services

GeoPoint 4.0 Employs a New Generation of Geolocation Technology
The earliest IP mapping efforts were manual, resulting in accurate answers but limited geographic coverage. Later techniques involved automated algorithms with multiple source mapping that greatly improved coverage. GeoPoint 4.0 is the only geolocation service to take a comprehensive approach, marrying both automated algorithms and analysis from human experts
to yield the best coverage, accuracy, and depth of information for the most
business critical applications.

Because of this approach, GeoPoint 4.0 is the first and only geolocation service to provide AOL location information to the country level. In addition, GeoPoint now identifies Web traffic that comes through proxies, including anonymizers, cache and corporate proxies, and wide-coverage