Quorum GIS for map presentation

Quorum GIS for map presentation


Houston, US: Quorum Business Solutions released the latest version of Quorum GIS. It is a geospatial information system that helps manage GIS data for map presentation and spatial analysis of various data sources throughout the enterprise. It incorporates many enhancements that help improve and streamline operations throughout the land department and the organisation as a whole.

Some of these enhancements include: integration to Quorum Landsuch as new tract interest summary by depth severance; support for multiple ESRI versions, including optimised Map Service Definition (MSD) support for ArcGIS 9.3.1; new map properties and tools to increase quality and performance through map caching and enhanced map and layer security.

Founded on the industry standard ESRI platform, Quorum GIS takes an enterprise-wide approach to managing GIS data through securing maps, layers and GIS tools. It minimises manual and labour-intensive drafting processes by allowing the automatic generation of GIS polygons from legal descriptions. Typically used in land organisations, Quorum GIS can also be leveraged for use across various other departments, including production, operations, contract administration and accounting.

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