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QuickBird very high-resolution satellite data over Baghdad

Satellite images acquired over Baghdad on March 27th 2003 by QuickBird, the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite, are now available from Eurimage. With a resolution from 90 cm, QuickBird images represent the most recent and detailed imagery over the Baghdad region, available on commercial basis at the following prices

Panchromatic 22.50 USD/Km2
Multispectral 25.00 USD/Km2
Bundle (Pan and MS) 30.00 USD/Km2
Pan-sharpened (3 bands) 22.50 USD/Km2

For Media Customers all imagery over Iraq is available at the following discounted prices

Panchromatic 10.00 USD/Km2
Pan-sharpened (3 bands) 10.00 USD/Km2
Rush production, with data delivery at “ex-works” or via FTP Pull within 24 hours from order acceptance from Eurimage Customer Service, is also available with an up-lift of 50%. Products ordered on Friday will be made available from the following Monday.