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QuEST Global launches IoT Center of Excellence at New Horizon College of Engineering in India

India: QuEST Global Services, a global leader in providing premium engineering solutions, has launched QuEST IIoT Center of Excellence at New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE), Bengaluru. This initiative will provide training to students in cutting-edge engineering technology streams and platforms including Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).The initiative will also help in bridging the technology gap between academia and industry.

The initiative launched at NHCE will serve as a platform to create an ecosystem of resources for the digital needs in industrial segment and provide certification in IIoT platform. This will also provide the students an opportunity to interact with subject matter experts in the digital solutions from the engineering services industry and enhance their knowledge. The training will be open to students in the fourth semester at NHCE, Bengaluru and will include classroom and online training with mentoring from industry veterans, hackathon and live projects”

Speaking at the occasion, Todd Ashley, Vice President, Digital and Industrial Solutions said, “The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), is expected to lead to a fourth industrial revolution that will generate an estimated $12 trillion of global GDP by 2030.The industry leaders, including our customers, are investing heavily in defining improvements to their products and services through the expanded use of digital technologies. In this scenario, this initiative will provide a cost-effective mode to develop capable engineering talent for the evolving needs of our customers in the digital manufacturing space.”

Ajay Prabhu, Chief Operating Officer, QuEST Global, said the IIoT CoE is launched at NHCE in continuation to the organizational charter of QuEST Global to support the academia and make students future-ready in various cutting-edge technologies. “As part of this initiative, students will get an opportunity to work on some of the projects we do at QuEST Global. Upon successful completion of the training, we will offer a letter of intent for employment to potential students.”

Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, New Horizon Educational Institution said “Engineering education in India has reached the most crucial turning point where it has to meet the industry requirements to face the dynamic demands of the competitive markets. Steps need to be taken to bridge the gap between industry expectations and what the curriculum offers. The partnership of QuEST Global and NHCE will provide our students an opportunity to get one step close to the industry and enhance their employability.”