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Queensland police to map crime scenes with 3D scanner

The CSIRO's Zebedee. Image credit: CSIRO.Australia: Queensland police will employ a CSIRO-developed 3D scanner to map crime scenes, according to the state government. Police will use the handheld Zebedee laser scanner, which can be used to quickly generate 3D imagery of areas. It can be used to map indoor locations since it does not rely on GPS. "The benefits of this new technology will reduce interference at a scene, save time and allow access to previously hard to reach areas such as step-declines and bushland,” said Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner.

The mobility of the Zebedee sensor as a handheld device allows access to most environments accessible to humans, including rough, natural terrain and stairways. Further to the experiments presented here, we have deployed the system in applications including large-scale assembly plants and indoor spaces, as well as mapped natural environments that would otherwise be inaccessible to standard 3D mapping systems. “The latest research version contains a video camera to provide imagery on top of the 3D laser information,” said Dr Jonathan Roberts from the CSIRO’s computational informatics division.

Source: Computer world