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‘Queensland needs emergency broadband network’

Queensland, Australia: The final report of Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry called for creation of a dedicated wireless broadband network for the emergency services which will be integrated with GIS.

The report findings revealed that black spots for the analogue radios used by Queensland emergency services at the time of the floods were “inevitable”, before going on to endorse existing plans for a replacement digital network to improve coverage. But the report also noted that the digital network’s intended use of the 400Mhz band will not be useful for carrying large amounts of data.

“The 400 MHz spectrum cannot effectively be used for data communications because the size of each spectrum allocation is too small to transmit large files,” the report stated. The report further mentioned, “The Commission … regards as vital the allocation of broadband spectrum to Australia’s emergency service organisations …”

The report also praised the imminent upgrade to Queensland Police’s computer-aided despatch systems, the design of which aims to reduce the time taken to take a call, record data and despatch the appropriate assistance. The system will also provide “improved awareness of current conditions for call takers, since the system will be linked with GIS data sets.” The addition of vehicle location systems will also make despatch easier, the report noted.

Source: The Register