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Queensland develops Digital Cadastral Database

Australia: The Queensland Government developed Digital Cadastral Database for investigating land-related information for the state. The database is a compilation of digital property boundaries and related property descriptions of all existing land parcels in Queensland. It is a database that has been manually developed by the Queensland Government and is used for searching, planning and investigating land-related information.
Peter Hickey from Definium Surveyors, creator of the database, said that the database currently functions on an accuracy indicator ranging from +/- 251 m to +/- 63 m. “Definium has found that these co-ordinates can vary from within a few metres, to up to 200 m of their position on the ground. This may have been sufficient for land access negotiations in the past, however, with the exponential increase of CSG exploration and development, these levels of accuracy need to be refined to provide the landowner with the level of confidence that they expect in our modern age.”
To ensure a productive relationship between the landholder and the resource company, Definium is engaged prior to these meetings to provide a large-scale, cost-effective and timely solution that can significantly reduce the margin of error in the database to +/- 2 m.
In a number of cases, Definium refined the database for major resource companies in Queensland to offer certainty and confidence for their land access team to begin negotiations with landowners. Furthermore, Hickey added that Definium was able to enhance this high level of accuracy by combining rectified database with available aerial photography and contour information, to allow for greater accuracy of well locations, engineering design for access tracks and gathering systems.
Source: pipeliner.com.au