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Quarry One Eleven USA to open up the US geo marketplace

UK: Quarry One Eleven announced the formation of Quarry One Eleven USA, to promote, market and sell products and services from non-USA based companies into the domestic North American GIS and geo-based marketplaces.

The new Boston-based company will act as client’s virtual American office and offer a range of services designed to fit the client’s requirements precisely. These may include all or a combination of sales, marketing, PR, implementation services and/or support of their products.

Many companies in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region can be put off trying to expand their sales into this lucrative marketplace by the seemingly enormous task of deciding where to spend valuable time and money. It is a project that could quickly snowball and require substantial funding for little return.

By partnering with Quarry One Eleven, companies can take advantage of an established company-infrastructure, an extensive reseller network and have their products represented by staff that know the geospatial marketplace.

Alistair Maclenan, Managing Director of Quarry One Eleven said, “Opening Quarry One Eleven USA means that we can mirror the success of bringing US software to the EMEA customers and introduce American users to the best products that this side of the Atlantic has to offer.”

Source: Quarry One Eleven