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Quality improvements for transport mapping

Ordnance Survey has completed a two-year programme of quality control on its flagship transport dataset: OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer.

The programme has seen every road link in Britain checked by an Ordnance Survey data editor to ensure quality levels are maintained consistently across the country.

ITN Layer records the location of the nation’s roads and forms the foundation to many of the market-leading satnavs, and is relied on by the emergency services for route planning. Maintaining a high level of currency and accuracy is therefore essential.

The programme covered 10,625 ’tiles’ of mapping and included checking the accuracy of road weight, width and height restrictions – information vital to help avoid misrouting heavy goods vehicles. Routing through local streets was also verified to ensure it was appropriate and safe.

Tom Satterthwaite, Ordnance Survey’s Senior Transport Product Manager comments: “Our two-year revision programme has seen a root and branch refresh of our transport network. This means its quality levels are consistent across the whole country, so our users can continue to rely on it for delivering essential services.

For the first time many utility assets have been connected to the road network, including electrical substations, waterworks and wind turbines, to enable easier and more accurate routing.

ITN Layer is an accurate, detailed and up-to-date geographic reference base for Britain’s road infrastructure. Part of the OS MasterMap family, it complements the Topography, Address and Imagery Layers to support decision making and services.